Cast & Crew

colinfoThe Tea Master

Colin Foo has been nominated for three “best actor” LEO awards in his short but impressive career. He is most famous for his two roles of different gender in the comedy “Long Life, Happiness and Proserity” (2002). His comedic facial expressions along with his humble persona made him the perfect actor to portray the many levels of The Tea Master.


PaulWoThe Samurai

Paul Wu is a world renowned stunt performer and actor with credits that range from Underworld Evolution to Watchmen. In 2003, Paul doubled Ken Wantabe in the blockbuster hit ” The Last Samurai” as well as Chow Yun Fat in “Bullet Proof Monk”.



PaulWoThe Sword Master

Byron Lawson has been an actor for over ten years and is now based out of Los Angeles. In 2007 he was on Entertainment Tonight Canada’s “Top 20 Sexiest Men”. He was #12.

The Emperor

Toshi Haraguchi not only played the Emperor but was the Japanese Tea Ceremony advisor.

PaulWoStunt Ninjas

Raymond Chan

Osric Chau

Alex Chiang

Jeffery Ong

Andrew ChinPaulWo





Executive Producer



 Production Manager/1st A.D.

2nd A.D.

3rd A.D.

Director’s Assistant

Production Assistant







Set Deck/Pros

Sound Mix/Boom Op

Camera Assistant

DI Tech


Best Boy




Craft Service

On Set Photographer

Stunt Coordinator

Fight Choreographer

Japanese Tea Ceremony Advisor


Visual Effects


Sound Supervisor and Mix


Foley Artists


Foley Engineers


Sound Effets Editors



Kimani Ray Smith

Aaron Au

Loyd Bateman

Ivan Lyttek

Jason Still

Louisa Phung

Fraser Corbett

Nicole Lisner

Tomomi Sakagawa

Jennifer Blake

Nemerice Plowman

Maja-Stace Smith

Ayla Veronica Lois Adolph

Kelsey Silk

David Griffiths

Devon Cooke

Jeremy Rempel

Trevor Addie

Josh Alkoff

Nicholas Kandie

Ryan Cox

Shane Nasmith

Courtland Sandover-Sly

Julie Pellerin

Mike Ching

Kimani Ray Smith

Alex Chiang

Toshi Haraguchi

Loyd Bateman

Blood and Thunder VFX

Loyd Bateman

Jeremy Butler

Matthew Pinch

Shawn Moore

Tom Davidson

Bradford Hanna

Mat Kobernick

Colin Kyashko

Justin Balboa

Latham Elle